Monday, June 5, 2023

Web Design Services

We specialize in building affordable custom built websites!
We start your website by spending time with you to understand your goals and needs. From that point, we will use our proven methodology for gathering information to define each and every aspect of your website needs.

No matter the size of your business or project, BITCO offers the creativity, experience and professional experience to make sure your online investment bring returns.

BITCO designs each website with the latest in web technologies to create an extraordinary experience for your visitors. Flash Animation, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Cold Fusion, My SQL Databases, SSL, and e-commerce are just a few of the ways BITCO incorporates the changing web-design environment to provide you with a design that is eye-catching and easy to use. BITCO has the experience, creativity, and technical expertise to put your business online at a price you can afford.

BITCO is your full service e-Commerce company that provide his clients with everything they need to be triumphant with their online business. From the opening web design and programming to our online marketing solutions and e-Commerce software solutions, BITCO prides itself on being your partner with your e-Commerce success.

Let us Create a Custom Website Design Plan That’s Tailored to Your Business Needs!

Once you publish your website you’ll need to build your brand, gain new traffic and market to existing customers. Our skilled Internet marketing team offers solutions to help you implement and manage the perfect marketing plan for your business. Not only will we help you plan your website, we will develop and maintain your site. We’ll also help you in planning and putting into operation a marketing solution that makes sure your site gets a top placement on the most popular search engines.

We Do Script Customization:

For the last few years we’ve done different modifications to all the scripts that we have for sale.As you know we do all kind of modifications to our scripts as well as creating custom scripts. That makes us one of the best companies when it comes to custom coding and support.

A custom script is a small software program that functions on and off the internet. Scripts on the do two things, first, they help to automate something’s from the display of a to a shopping cart system to an inventory control system to an invoice management system.

Custom scripts can save time and money. Second, scripts create interactivity with your clients and can be tailored for a unique shopping experience. Have you ever seen custom features like wish lists or custom offers based on your past shopping experience?

Our custom scripts can be written to do things automatically for you and in real-time as your customer is on you website. Custom scripts are indeed a most powerful tool. BITCO can customize a script that you already have to better meet your needs, or we can write complete custom scripts tailored to exact all your needs.

Anyone can design a website, but we design an experience!

Nothing special can be said about web site design in addition to the fact that it plays the crucial role in the success of a web project nowadays. Web site design creates powerful emotional background and helps users to catch the idea of the project at the initial stage of project adoption. It is a powerful instrument to create “love at first sight” effect in users’ minds long before they are able to study the features or realize the value of your project. It will never be a second chance to make the first impression, and no one would risk such an opportunity for nothing. That is why we put professional web site design as one of our core expertise.

Our regular team of web designers, often with the inflow of fresh blood from external creative teams, will investigate the spirit and the soul of your project in order to create tailor made web design template which is the most suitable for it. After your approval, it will be elaborated to the finest detail so that there is no place left for uncertainty in the future development process.