Saturday, September 30, 2023

ROI Analysis

Return of investment (ROI) analysis helps you decide if an investment is worth its cost. For example, how much I will save if I purchase intivirus or e-mail spam filtering?

A big part of a managers decision process focuses on investments. Managers invest in new employees, equipment and other tools knowing that they will receive a benefit from that investment in the future. It is often difficult to see how and when investments in computer and network systems will pay off. BITCO can help by showing exactly what gains a technology investment will bring to a company. We use our experience to help you make the most informed decisions for the future of your business.

To help you illustrate this point, consider this: A business owner spends on average 20-30 minutes daily deleting spam and other junk e-mails. Let’s assume that he has 15 employees who also spend some of their time dealing with spam, let’s say just 5 minutes per day. Assuming that they only make $8 per hour, the spam problem ends up costing that business owner over $300 per month. Investing in spam filtering services could end up saving him all of that money by eliminating the time it takes to deal with spam.