Saturday, September 30, 2023


E-mail Spam & Virus Filtering:

Want to stop getting spam and e-mails that may contain viruses? BITCO offers e-mail spam and virus filtering so you can rest assured that e-mails you receive are relevant and virus-free.
Spam is a big problem for almost everyone who surfs the Internet. Businesses loose hundreds of dollars in productivity due to the time it takes for employees to deal with spam every month. BITCO’s e-mail filtering will virtually eliminate spam from ever arriving plus will scan every message and attachment for viruses, giving you the peace of mind to open your e-mails without having to worry about viruses.

Content Filtering:

Content filtering allows certain content to be blocked. Web sites can be listed individually, categories of sites can be filtered, and even certain kinds of applications can be restricted.
Many businesses would like to restrict what employees can access while using the companies equipment. Some companies have problems with employees updating blogs, using, viewing pornographic material or other things that are considered inappropriate while at work. Content filters can restrict the ability for employees to pursue these activities from company equipment. Modern content filters are very effective at filtering out content that is not wanted while allowing everything else. Many filters use what are called blacklists. A blacklist is a list of sites that are known to fit in a particular category, such as violence, pornography, drugs, gangs, chatting, etc. Using blacklists allows access to pharmaceutical and medical sites, which may contain certain words that fit into a blocked category, to be accessed while the real drug and pornographic sites are blocked.